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5 online tools to help you identify a Font


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Web-designers tend to wonder over the internet in search for aesthetics and when they spot something beautiful, they want it. They want it so bad. This is especially when they spot a really cool typography, they need to know what font it is. If this happens to you, you have come to the right place.

Yes, of course you can know what font a site is using by looking at the source code, but many a times, smart web designers use cryptic names for fonts to maintain exclusivity. Moreover, with tools like @font-face and Cufon, it becomes quite a tedious task to identify a font. That’s why we have compiled a bunch of free and excellent tools to identify a font and that too very quickly.

1. WhatFontIs

WhatFontIs is one of my personal favorite and hence the first in the list. It is an image based font identification service and so the probability of accurate results is quite high. All you have to do is to take a screenshot of the font you want to identify and upload it to WhatFontIs. The system gives a list of fonts that look like the image you uploaded.

2. IdentiFont

IdentiFont is a visual font search system. It displays series of images of distinguishable glyphs from which the user has to select the one that exactly matches with the font to be identified. After around 12 such questions, the service, quite considerably narrows down to the typefaces that exactly resembles your font.

3. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont follows the same approach as WhatFontIs. Just upload an image of the font and the service lists down the fonts that closely matches with it. For accurate results, make sure that the image you upload is crisp and the letters are as horizontal as possible.

4. Flickr Typeface Identification

Typeface Identification is a Flickr group that helps you identify fonts. Currently it has around 800 members who voluntarily help each other identifying typefaces.

5. Bowfin (for serif font identification)

Simply awesome search site for serif fonts. Bowfin specializes in serifs and it does its best in identifying a font by asking a series of questions based on the typography glyphs. The search results are highly accurate. Moreover, the author offers free font identification services.

Are there any other font identification services that we missed?

This post is by James , a passoniate graphic designer from Canada .

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